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Data set: Steel tinplate without EoL recycling (collection year 2012/2013) (00.00.000)

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Steel tinplate without EoL recycling (collection year 2012/2013);blast furnace route;European, production mix, at plant;1kg, typical thickness between 0.13 - 0.49 mm. typical width between 600 - 1100 mm.
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This data set includes steel production, from cradle to steel factory gate. This LCI does not incorporate the burden of using steel scrap in the steel making process, and the recyclability of steel from the product at the end of its life. Information about the worldsteel recycling methodology can be found in the 2011 worldsteel methodology report (Appendix 10).
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General comment
High data quality. Data collected on site by steel industry experts in accordance with the worldsteel methodology and ISO 14040 standards, and consistency-checked by PE LCA-experts. #Coke, sinter, pellet, hot metal, slab production based on site specific data. #Metallurgical coal data based on global IEA statistics and information from the GaBi database. #Iron ore data obtained from iron ore producer. #Other upstream data based on the GaBi database, including country specific electricity. The LCI does not include any further processing beyond the steelworks gate such as bending, shaping, cutting, welding etc.
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  • Allocation - net calorific value
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    • Overall quality: Good
    • Methodological appropriateness and consistency: Good
    • Precision: Good
    • Completeness: Good
    • Geographical representativeness: Very good
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    • Overall quality: Good
    • Methodological appropriateness and consistency: Not applicable
    • Precision: Not applicable
    • Completeness: Not applicable
    • Geographical representativeness: Not applicable
    • Time representativeness: Not applicable
    • Technological representativeness: Not applicable
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The APEAL data in the ILCD database is provided as cradle to gate datasets with and without end of life credits for recycling. Where end of life recycling is included, a recycling rate of 74% is applied. The data set can be used free of charge by anybody to perform LCA studies. Please note that any modifications/omissions of the data set results in invalidity of any existing 'Official approval of data set by producer/operator'. The impression must be avoided that this would still be a complete APEAL data set
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Technical purpose
Obtained by electro plating a thin finished cold rolled coil with a thin layer of tin. It can be found on the market in coil or in sheets and is further processed into finished products by the manufacturers. Electrolytic tin plated steel is used primarily in food cans, industrial packaging (e.g. small drums)
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