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Data set: bauxite (03.00.000)

Other versions:   02.00.000
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Resources / Resources from ground / Non-renewable material resources from ground
AC1L24II;ALUMINA C;ALUMINUM OXIDE;Abramant F 36;Abramax F 46;Abramax F 54;Activated alumina, weakly acidic;Alumina;Alumina Ceramic;Aluminum Oxide (Al130O40);Aluminum Oxide (Al2O);Aluminum Oxide (AlO2);Aluminum lake;Aluminum ores, bauxite;Aluminum oxide (Al2O3);Aluminum oxide without Fluorescence;Aluminum oxide, dispersion;Aluminum oxide, mesoporous;Anti-bumping granules;Bauxite (Al2O3.xH2O);Boiling stones;CAMAG 506-C-I;Ceramic, Alumina;Corundum;Corundum (Al2O3);Dural F 30;EKF 100;Electrocorundum;Emery;FN 237;Inhibitor removers;KER 710;KO 7;KU 10;KU 5-3;Korund;MP 1 (Refractory);MP ALIMINUM OXIDE;MP ALUMINA A, Active;MP ALUMINA A-TLC;MP ALUMINA AActivity I;MP ALUMINA AActivity: I;MP ALUMINA AActivity: Super I;MP ALUMINA B, Active;MP ALUMINA B-TLC;MP ALUMINA BActivity: I;MP ALUMINA BActivity: Super I;MP ALUMINA DCC;MP ALUMINA G-TLC;MP ALUMINA N;MP ALUMINA N, Active;MP ALUMINA N-TLC;MP ALUMINA NActivity: I;MP ALUMINA NActivity: Super I;MP ALUMINAActivity: II-III;MP ALUMINUM OXIDE;MP DCC PACKAGE 1: Alumina;NK 63;Oxide, Aluminum;Porocel;Porocel O;Porocel SRC;Portalum A 25;Sapphire;Sapphire (Al2O3);alpha-Corundum;oxo(oxoalumanyloxy)alumane
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Reference elementary flow of the International Reference Life Cycle Data System (ILCD).