Contact data set: PE INTERNATIONAL AG (en)
Contact information
Data set information
Short name for contactShort name for the contact, that is used for display e.g. of links to this data set (especially in case the full name of the contact is rather long, e.g. "FAO" for "Food and Agriculture Organization"). PE INTERNATIONAL
Name of contactName of the person, working group, organisation, or database network, which is represented by this contact data set. PE INTERNATIONAL AG
ClassificationOptional statistical or other classification of the data set. Typically also used for structuring LCA databases.
Class nameName of the class.
Contacts / Organisations / Private company
Contact addressMail address of the contact; specific for the person, working group, or department. [Note: A general contact point to the organisation is to be given in "General contact point".] Hauptstrasse 111-113, D-70771 Leinfelden-Echterdingen, Germany
TelephoneContact's phone number(s) including country and regional codes. +49 (0) 711 341817-0
TelefaxContact's fax number(s) including country and regional codes. +49 (0) 711 341817-25
E-mailContact's e-mail address.
WWW-AddressWeb-address of the person, working group, organisation or database network.
Central contact pointAlternative address / contact details for the contact. Provides contact information in case e.g. the person or group represented by this contact has left the organisation or changed office/telephone. This alternative contact point can hence contain also a central telephone number, e-mail, www-address etc. of the organisation. PE INTERNATIONAL AG; Hauptstrasse 111-113, D-70771 Leinfelden-Echterdingen, Germany
Administrative information
Data entry by
Time stamp (last saved)Date and time stamp of data set generation, typically an automated entry ("last saved"). 2011-10-31T23:00:00+01:00
Data set format(s) (source data set)"Source data set" of the used version of the ILCD format. If additional data format fields have been integrated into the data set file, using the "namespace" option, the used format namespace(s) are to be given. This is the case if the data sets carries additional information as specified by other, particular LCA formats, e.g. of other database networks or LCA softwares. ILCD format 1.1
Publication and ownership
UUID of Contact data setAutomatically generated Universally Unique Identifier of this data set. Together with the "Data set version", the UUID uniquely identifies each data set. 623edf96-39d1-4e6f-9892-674c7228546b
Data set versionVersion number of data set. First two digits refer to major updates, the second two digits to minor revisions and error corrections etc. The third three digits are intended for automatic and internal counting of versions during data set development. Together with the data set's UUID, the "Data set version" uniquely identifies each data set. 27.00.000
Permanent data set URIURI (i.e. an internet address) of the original of this data set. [Note: This equally globally unique identifier supports users and software tools to identify and retrieve the original version of a data set via the internet or to check for available updates. The URI must not represent an existing WWW address, but it should be unique and point to the data access point, e.g. by combining the data owner's www path with the data set's UUID, e.g.]